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Our values

Our values

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Informia quality charter expresses the commitment we prioritise in relation to our customers. Concerned with maintaining a high level of service we are committed to following an organisational approach to quality (Quality System) as part of the group of values we adhere to: 

RESPECT: building a dialogue based on courtesy and friendliness.

CLARITY: writing down the facts and what is said and doing what has been written.

FAIRNESS: providing products and services (goal) in line with the asking price (average).

ATTENTIVENESS: having a regular dialogue with Customers with a particular focus on positive listening.

REALISM: offering services related to our expertise and very closely aligned with the needs of our customers.

INFORM: informing every customer of the progress of our products and features that concern them in relation to the specificities of their trade.

ANALYSE AND ANTICIPATE: foreseeing how to appropriate the best practices applicable to the specific requirements of each customer to enable continuous improvement of their processes.